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Clinics can be run for 1 to 3 days and on various formats. Flatwork or jumping. Please contact me for a brochure. However, a typical intensive  day would be 4 x individual lessons of 60 mins, with video taken during the lesson. Then lunch with video feedback and discussion (approx. 2 hours), and then a further shared 45 min lesson to consolidate the mornings work combined with learning from the video feedback.  Average cost between £60 to £80 per person depending on cost of venue.

Or for a more economical ‘taster’ clinic, there is the option of an hours dismounted workshop covering the basics of alignment and stability, followed by semi private lessons with photographic feedback. Average cost £25 to £35 per person depending on cost of venue.



I am able to give an evening presentation/demo on an introduction to horse and rider biomechanics.  It is educational and interactive, and also fun, with lots of interesting slides and audience participation in small exercises. It is ideal as a fund raiser for clubs and organisations, and can lead very well into ridden clinics.

Some feedback from my presentations:

“This really was a fantastic event!! I’ve been to various talks like this and Sally was in another league! She very clearly explained things (that can be over complicated) and built a very clear message for riders. I cant wait for the clinic now. Thanks so much to everyone involved. Another successful WDBA event and another happy member. 🙂 ” JW

“Great evening. So interesting. Sally was fab and explained it all perfectly. Now the hard part – putting into practice! Thankyou. ” TY

“It was brilliant. The compliments are flooding in for Sally. ‘well presented’, ‘fantastic’, ‘something for everyone’, ‘interesting and informative’. If you get a chance to see Sally’s presentation, it’s well worth the evening out. We filled the whole room, everyone was alert and engaged throughout and there’s great feedback. WDBA Chairman. Thank you Sally! LW

A fun and interactive evening.  Here we are exploring correct diaphragmatic breathing, using balloons as an aid. Can you blow the balloon up in successive puffs without pinching it with your fingers or lips, and without it deflating in between?



Workshops can be run to individual requirements, or in a series of up to eight subjects. They are highly interactive, and similar to a group lesson, but without your horse, therefore an opportunity for lots of varied learning. Cost £10 to £15 per person depending on venue. Maximum eight participants.

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